DMAA Information
  • Name: DMAA
  • Synonyms: Dimethylamylamine, Methylhexanamine, Geranamine
  • CAS Number: 105-41-9
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Smell: No smell
  • Purity: 99.9%


DMAA Powder

100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) DMAA Powder

What is DMAA?


Our DMAA Powder
DMAA is an isolate of geranium oil that was often sold and used in dietary supplements in dosages of 10-25mg for increases of energy. DMAA was originally developed by Eli Lilly and Company in the late 1960's as a cold medicine that was never marketed to consumers. However, in 2006 after ephedrine was banned from dietary supplements, DMAA was reintroduced as an ephedrine replacement by nutritional supplement companies. BUYDMAAPOWDER.COM is no longer selling DMAA powder, however, DMAA may still be purchased from They are one of the only honest suppliers left. We have spoke with them, and know that they will be able to satisfy our standards, and the high standards of our customers. has become (2015)

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is located?
They are located in California.

What are their usual shipping times? Do they offer tracking?
Shipping usually takes 3-4 days within the USA, and 5-10 days for international shipments depending on the location. All their packages are shipped with tracking. International shipments may have tracking information available, but it depends on the destination country.

Will I have to pay duty in my country for ordering your product?
Depending on your country you may have to pay a small duty, however less than 1% of all ecommerce shipments do not pay duties.

Do they ship a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or a COA (Certificate of Authority) for your product?
Yes, all products they have are shipped with a MSDS and a COA is available upon request.

Do they offer bulk sales of DMAA in quantities that are larger than those listed on their website?
Yes, email them.

Where are your Terms & Conditions located?
On their website.

What is DMAA powder?
DMAA powder is an extract of Geranium oil.

I have another question that is not listed here, how can I get it answered?
Not anymore. You will have to find someone else to answer your questions. It was an honor serving you, will be able to help if you choose to purchase from them.

About us
We were the largest distributor of pharmaceutical grade dmaa powder online in North America and had previously sold DMAA since 2011. We became the largest distributor because of our reputation for honesty, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our product was a 100% pure, cheaply priced, and always shipped free and fast which has helped our customers come back and order again.

We offered clean, professionally packaged, and exceptionally pure dmaa powder at highly competitive prices. Our dimethylamylamine powder is always tested for quality to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our customers. All of the dmaa powder sold through our website goes through a stringent quality controlled process that ensures that our dmaa is of the best pure pharmaceutical quality for our customers. All customers receive email notifications acknowledging receipt of your order, when it has been shipped (with tracking information), and when it has been delivered. We hope that you choose to fullfill your dmaa powder needs and hope you have a wonderful day.

IMPORTANT: Do not ingest over 100mg in any 24 hour period, for occasional use only. Seek advice of a medical professional before use. Satisfaction guarantee subject to terms & conditions.